Vuk Trifkovic

Vimcar at Berlin Tech Meetup

or "sometimes it is OK to do a live demo"

It has been exactly a week since I've presented Vimcar at the first Berlin Tech Meetup of 2015. Here is a belated summary of the event.

"...Trifković, versucht zu beruhigen"

If you're curious what happened in general, check out the report in Gründerszene. It captured the event pretty well. I am relieved . . .

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February 19, 2015

Connected Car, One Use Case at a Time

IoT Berlin 11 Meetup

Last Tuesday I gave a talk on Internet of Things Berlin Meetup 11 an event curated by Martin Spindler.

Matas Petrikas also spoke at the event, presenting a new connected toy project Vai Kai. It is still early days for Vai Kai, but the mission to build new generation of play experiences for children is exactly the kind of non-Spießer . . .

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January 31, 2015


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