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On Product #7 talk on Compressed Design Sprints

You know that feeling when you hear about a great new Product Management methodology that you'd like to try but you never quite get a chance to? Yeah, so do I.

For a while, I wanted to try out Design Sprint, but it was never quite a good time to do it. Until I've said sod it and just tweaked Design Sprint, chopping it around . . .

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October 09, 2016 '15 - Connected Car Session

Towards a Connected Car Developer Ecosystem

Last week 2015 was in town. One of the sessions focused on connected car.

Thomas Krüger kicked off the session with an introduction to Android Auto. In the next slot, Stephan Dörner did a great job of moderating an increasingly sprawling discussion on connected car - data on wheels.

Finally, I gave a presentation . . .

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June 07, 2015

Vimcar at Berlin Tech Meetup

or "sometimes it is OK to do a live demo"

It has been exactly a week since I've presented Vimcar at the first Berlin Tech Meetup of 2015. Here is a belated summary of the event.

"...Trifković, versucht zu beruhigen"

If you're curious what happened in general, check out the report in Gründerszene. It captured the event pretty well. I am relieved . . .

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February 19, 2015


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